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Fałszywe buty Adidas

2010-04-22 12:06:24
Geraskin, PE
Fałszywe buty Adidas

To Russians offer counterfeit footwear Adidas

Adidas Group declares that some  Russia sell the sports footwear which design reminds the models manufactured under mark Adidas.

The given information concerns such commercial networks, as to "Tsentrobuv" and Alba. "Businessman" has informed On this incident. Still last year retail trade system Alba have convicted that it realises the footwear marked with three strips, possessed on a diagonal. As it is known, with such sign Adidas allocates the products. The arbitration court of Moscow has justified ритейлера therefore the German company has not received desirable 2,5 million roubles as indemnification, and the counterfeit goods and have not destroyed.

Similar claims are declared now and networks "Tsentrobuv", but in this case them have satisfied, though and partially. The footwear similar to production Adidas and realised earlier in commercial network, today have removed from sale, and here payment of indemnification at a rate of 30 thousand russian rubles has not taken place yet – dispute proceeds.

According to experts, production Adidas is easily recognised in Russia, therefore illegal immigrants and aspire to forge it.


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Poprzednie wiadomości Następny news
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